Small Business
and Self Help Groups

Help to Transform South Asia

One Family at a Time

Your gift will help individuals in South Asia to start small businesses and transform their own lives, their families, and eventually their whole communities. Many of the poor and most disadvantaged in South Asia’s urban and rural areas are trying to find honest, respectable occupations through which they can support their families and raise their living standards. They often have the skills and knowledge, but cannot afford the capital investment to start small businesses. NCM tries to offer these people a chance by providing them with the means to establish a variety of micro-enterprises: animal rearing, fishing, fruit tree plantations, transportation, small shops or tailoring (many of these have graduated from Nazarene tailoring schools). NCM staff advise the people and train them to use the funds effectively and wisely, usually through so-called self-help groups (see Child Development Center project). In most cases, beneficiaries will provide part of the investment themselves or repay the money as a loan. Investments start from as little as $2.50.

Our Need

Animal Raising and Gardening:
– Fruit tree: $2.50
– Plant: $5
– Sheep or goat: $25
– Young cow: $100
– Cow: $770

Small Business:
– Boat (for fishing): $50
– Sewing machine: $75

– Bbicycle: $100
– Ccycle-rickshaw: $200
– Mmotorcycle: $1,000 (used), $1,700 (new)
– Auto-rickshaw: $2,400

Please note: The figures represent costs incurred when purchasing these items in local communities. We are typically not able to facilitate donor requests to purchase specific types of animals and materials. Donations received will be sent to the South Asia Small Business Project, and project leadership will use the funds to meet the objectives of the project, including determining which animals and materials are most needed at any given time.

Please ensure to put Giving Code: ACM1483 in any memo area.