Church of the Nazarene - South Asia Field

Prayer Requests

Prayer is one way we walk in intimate relationship with God and with fellow believers. Prayer is vital to current ministries and to new things God is calling people to do. Below are some specific prayer requests for the Church of the Nazarene’s South Asia Field. We value your commitment to praying for these needs. We would also love for you to contact us to let us know that you are partnering with us in prayer.

Prayer requests are updated periodically, so please check back often.

Prayer Requests

Heavy monsoon rain in Sri Lanka has killed at least 13 people and displaced more than 40,000 others since it began in mid-May. Please pray for the people affected by the floods, pray for comfort in the time of disaster, loss and grief, pray that they experience the presence of Jesus loving arms surrounding them. Pray for financial means to rebuild our child development centres and assist our Nazarene family.

Pray for the Pastoral Education and leadership development in the field. Recent surveys showed that we would need to train at least 10000 pastors in the next five years if we want to cope with the growth of the church in the field. We need ordained elders to strengthen and to secure the consolidation and the future of the church in South Asia. Please pray for our God to continue calling young people to serve in the ministry as well as to teachers willing to come and invest time teaching in each of our districts.

Continue praying for our South Asia Partnership Meeting scheduled in Boise Idaho this coming October 26-27. We pray and hope we will have a good crowd of people coming and listening to exciting reports about what is happening in South Asia as well as new ministries and projects we are proposing to reach our goals for 2023.

Pray for the two new Districts and the leadership in Bangladesh. We need God’s direct intervention for the new leaders to be able to cast and share vision with pastors and leaders so the churches fulfill the call God has given them.

Please pray for Chinta, Neseta and Abia Roy, our young Bangladeshi family studying at Asia Pacific Nazarene Seminary, as they prepare to become Bangladeshi teachers as part of our plan to train selected young leaders with the goal they could become the pastor trainers in the different districts.

Please pray for them and for other students who are receiving education to return to serve in their districts. Pray also for the provision of economic resources to pay for their studies. We have been trying to find additional scholarships, but it has been difficult to find support for them.

A very important matter of intercession is our dear Brother, Rev. Daniel Kalaichelvan, whose wife, Vathani, went to be in the Lord’s presence, beginning of March, after a severe illness. Please pray for his family and the church in Badulla as they go through this difficult time, and ask God for His comfort, peace and the assurance that this beloved wife is now rejoicing in the presence of our Lord.

Please do not forget to continue supporting our evangelistic movement; “Love, Care and Serve” aimed to engage each Nazarene member in South Asia to reach out to at least one person every year with the love of Jesus, caring for them and serving with compassionate hearts. We envision to mobilize at least 70% of our Nazarenes in South Asia and to reach with the love of God at least 1 million people for the next five years. We want to be 1 Million Nazarenes in 2023!

We need support to print thousands of commitment cards to be distributed among the South Asian Nazarenes. Printing the cards in Bangladesh will cost $0.40 per card.

Please pray that the acceptance of the card and with it the commitment to lave, care, and serve continues to increase even more than what it already does.

Please pray for our pastors and leaders in South Asia to embrace honesty and integrity as vital parts in their lives and ministries.

An important part of the ministry of the Church of the Nazarene in South Asia is to reach new communities and nations. Our vision and goal is to plant the church of the Nazarene and its message to all nations as our Lord Jesus commands us in Mathew 28:19. This year we are planning to visit two additional countries and consider the potential of planting new churches in the near future. Please pray for upcoming trips intended to better develop this vision and upcoming strategies.

Please pray for our South Asia mission team as they work hard walking hand in hand with local leaders trying to deal with the many challenges and at the same time helping them to live lives that honor God in Holiness.

Please pray for sufficient funding for our Child Development Centres in Nepal. Pray that the blessed endeavour can continue to minister to the children of Nepal. Pray for God’s continued blessings upon the Child Development Centres. 

– Please pray for everyday guidance by our Lord for the leadership of the Child Development Centers.
– Pray for daily protection of the children and staff from harm and accidents.
– Pray for the healthy development of the children attending the centres.
– Pray for the transformation of the surrounding community to God.
– Pray for sufficient funding

– Please pray for everyday guidance by our Lord for the leadership of the Minitry Centers in Nepal.
– Pray that the children at the center get to know Jesus as their best friend ans saviour.
– Pray that Jesus will grant healing to the many broken hearts of the children and adults that attend the centres.
– Pray for the adults that attend the centres, so that they may truly experience transformed lives.
– Pray for the financing of additional centres as this is such a blessed ministry.

– Pray for guidance as to where to invest the funds that were received.
– Please pray for wisdom for the new entrepreneurs as they start their new business.
– Pray for business success so that the families can be fed.
– Please pray for transformation of lives through the self-help groups.

– Please pray for sufficient funds to be able to install wells to communities where there are no access to clean water.
– Pray for sufficient funds to provide communities with salb latrines where there are no sanitation facilities.
– Pra for an improvement of the general health of communities in South Asia.