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South Asia News and Prayer Letter

The partnership of the Church of the Nazarene in South Asia issues a quarterly newsletter in which we inform our interested readers about the latest developments in our work, share our ministry, have reports from the various countries in our field, testimonies, we let our leaders speak and share their motivations, burdens and prayer requests. In other words… we keep you up-to-date about the work of the Church of the Nazarene in South Asia.

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South Asia Partner Prayer and Newsletter – November 2019 Issue

Recently I had the great privilege to preach in two Nepali Churches as well as in our new Creative Access Area (CAA) where we just started planting the Church. Sharing the word of God in a Church is always exciting and a privileged gift from God to do. With reverence and respect, I strive to allow God to connect me with the people He wants me to feed spiritually. Sharing the Word of God in a foreign Nation is something that God allows many of us to do and to be honest; there is always the prayer in the heart that whatever we are going to say, it is indeed a blessing to our brothers and sister’s souls…

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Previous Issues of the Newsletter

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September 2019 Issue

Recently God put in front of me a precious devotional reading about Spiritual tiredness and reminded me about the times when we are under tremendous pressure and we want to quit and run away. The story of Elijah in 1 Kings 9 speaks about a committed God servant burnt out because the burdens of ministry.

May 2019 Issue

We are in a race against time in the South Asia Field. With 8 districts containing more than 4400 organized churches and 1615 CTMs, we only have 316 ordained Elders! Fortunately, the number of licensed and lay pastors is growing with more than 1000…

February 2019 Issue

A new year has started, and new hopes and dreams come to our hearts. God continues His precious work among the people in South Asia. The Church of the Nazarene in the field is fully committed to continue with the task to make Christlike Disciples in each country in the field…

December 2018 Issue

God continues His work in South Asia. Every day His grace and love are experienced by thousands of Nazarenes in their daily lives. We want to praise the Lord of Heaven and earth for His constant care and love. Below we would like to share some praises for his mercy as well as some of the prayer needs for important needs we have in the field…

June 2018 Issue

God gave us the opportunity to gather with all the South Asia district superintendents and ministry leaders for three days to evaluate our ministries, as well as to dream about the work we have ahead in the next five years…

March 2018 Issue

District assemblies on the South Asia Field. Two new districts in Bangladesh. 25-year celebration of the Church of the Nazarene in Bangladesh. Love, Care, and Serve…