Nazarene Youth Camps
in South Asia

Our Young People are Committed

Our youth has always played an important role in the development of the Church of the Nazarene on the South Asia Field. Confirmed by a recently conducted study it’s been revealed that is mainly young people who give a key contribution to the development of the church and its various ministries.

It is committed young people who are the engine of the Holistic Child Development ministries keeping it going and moving forward. It is also mostly young people who are dedicated and committed to the church evangelism tool of the JESUS Film. It is also our young people that carry responsibility and get actively involved in the implementation of several NCM projects, including – among others – self-help groups and disaster response. Our young people are the spine of the church development in South Asia.

In an effort to encourage our young people to faithfully give their lives to the Lord and to engage in ministry, Nazarene Youth International (NYI), the umbrella under which our young are people are organised,  is organising various camps throughout the field with the purpose of worship, training, and fellowship. As long as there is a strong young population fully committed to the Lord and His church, there is a future for the church of the Nazarene in South Asia.

Worship during a NYI camp

Young people are eager to participate in the workshops