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Become a Blessing to Someone

We seek to educate, clothe, shelter, feed, heal, and ultimately empower those who suffer under oppression, injustice, violence, poverty, hunger, and disease. Our ministries are holistic, addressing the whole person, and sustainable, addressing immediate needs while securing a hopeful future for individuals and their communities.

You can become part of this wonderful, significant endeavour. Donations to the suggested projects bellow are investments in the hope and future that God is offering the poor and suffering in our world. Your gifts help weave compassion into the fabric of their society and environment.

Below we have listed projects and opportunities for you to make a difference!

Nepal Child Development Centres

In Nepal’s Child Development Centres, children receive homework help and tuition after or before regular school classes. The tuition also includes physical exercise, awareness training about health, hygiene and other important topics, as well as cultural and spiritual activities. 

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South Asia Child Development Centres

Child Development Centres do much more than serve the children: they transform their families and entire communities. The CDCs are started in full cooperation with the community to make them locally owned and relevant.

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Nepal Ministry Centres

The Church of the Nazarene in South Asia believes in serving the whole person. You see this reflected in our ministry centers. They serve as a home for child development, vocational training, health care and education, and for sharing the Good News…

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South Asia Small Business and Self-Help Groups

Your gift will help individuals in South Asia to start small businesses and transform their own lives, their families, and eventually their whole communities. Many of the poor and most disadvantaged in South Asia’s urban and rural areas are trying to find honest, respectable occupations through which they can support their families and raise their living standards.

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Safe Water and Sanitation

Two of the major causes of child death in developing countries are unsafe water and lack of effective hygiene practices. Health awareness training and the installation of tubewells and slab latrines significantly improve sanitation and can save many lives. A tubewell is used by several families.

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Commitment to Love, Care, and Serve

We dream and envision what would happen if we encourage each one of our committed people to intentionally impact the life of at least one person in our life, every year, with love and compassion for the next five years? Can you imagine the impact this will have in the spiritual life of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka?

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