Ministry Centre in Nepal

Equipping for the Future

The Church of the Nazarene in South Asia believes in serving the whole person. You see this reflected in our ministry centers. They serve as a home for child development (75 children per center, see Nepal Child Development Centers project), vocational training, health care and education, and for sharing the Good News and worshiping the Lord. It is a direct reflection of Jesus reaching out to people through teaching, preaching and healing people (Matthew 4:23).

Your gift towards Nepal Ministry Centers will help transform the lives of hundreds and thousands of people in underprivileged areas. The Church already has ongoing ministries in these areas, but a building is needed to conduct them efficiently and on a long-term basis. In several locations, land has been donated by the local people and funds are needed only for the construction of the building. Higher-priced buildings will be permanent structures of a higher quality and include parsonages. In smaller buildings, approximately 350 people per year will be trained; larger buildings serve at least 1,500 people or more. This ministry helps transform not only the lives of the people trained, but of their families and entire communities.

Our Need

Buildings in urban area (5 needed): $ 27,500; local contribution: $ 2,500; goal: $ 25,000
Buildings in semi-urban areas (5 needed): $ 16,500; local contribution: $ 1,500; goal: $ 15,000
Buildings in rural areas (10 needed): $ 11,500; local contribution: $ 1,500; goal: $ 10,000
Buildings in remote rural areas (15 needed): $ 5,500; local contribution: $ 1,000; goal: $ 4,500

Recommend Contribution: $ 4,500

Please ensure to put Giving Code: ACM1262 in any memo area.