Love, Care, and Serve

The South Asia Field is home to more than 600 million people. In the four countries where the Church of the Nazarene is ministering in South Asia, the percentage of Christians is below 1%.

This field is facing a lot of challenges regarding the opportunities for evangelism and church planting. On the other hand all these challenges bear also great opportunities, which God is giving us, to share the Good News with other people. In order for us to contribute to the expansion of Jesus’ ministry on the South Asia Field, we need a strategic plan that not only involves the clergy or the Jesus Film teams but also includes all our committed members.

We dream and envision what would happen if we encourage each one of our committed people to intentionally impact the life of at least one person in our life, every year, with love and compassion for the next five years? Can you imagine the impact this will have in the spiritual life of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka? And, interestingly enough, it does not require any money to love, care and serve. It just takes three simple ingredients God has already placed in our hearts: Love, compassion, and a serving attitude.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able to encourage, motivate and mobilize our people to impact the lives of our neighbors with love, compassion, and service, we will be able to significantly contribute to the expansion of the Kingdom and help to reach at least another 1% of the population of South Asia for Christ.

We want to live out the dream and think the unthinkable; reaching out to our neighbors with loving, caring, and compassionate hearts. Each South Asian Nazarene impacting the life of at least one person each year over the next five years. People in South Asia need Jesus in their lives and He wants to use us, a small army of Nazarenes, to get to know him and get reconciled with God through the blood and sacrifice of His son.

Our Commitment Card

We have developed a card in the size and shape of a standard bank or credit card. People can put it in their wallets and purses to keep them reminded of their commitment: A commitment to participate in the vision of loving, caring and serving their neighbors by showing them the love and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You too can make this commitment, to love, care, and serve your neighbour in order to introduce him to Christ. If you would like to have this handy reminder for your purse or wallet, you can donate 10.00, 25.00, or 50.00 US-$ towards the cause of evangelism on the South Asia field. Just click on the button below.