Daniel's Testimony

A Very Special Baptism

Daniel* has always been very shy, but this time he looked pretty confident when he met with local pastor of the Church of the Nazarene and told him that he would like to be baptised. The pastor was more than happy to comply to his request. A couple of day later his parents also approached the pastor with the same request. What a celebration there was in heaven and in the local Nazarene church as both, Daniel and his parents were baptised on the same day. Praise the Lord!

For the most years of his young life, following his family’s tradition, Daniel used to worship the many Hindu gods and goddesses. However, it came to happen that he attended one of our Child Development Centres in Sri Lanka. He was so impressed with the love and care he met in the centre. The caregivers and teachers really seemed to care about him. This was something he was not used to. His schoolwork began to improve as he received assistance in the subjects he struggled with and supervision for his homework. And he was introduced to Jesus Christ who was reason and the source of the love and care he encountered. He learned about His life and teachings and why He came to this earth. The seed was planted.

Daniel wanted to learn more about Jesus and it was not long before he also took part in Sunday school and church services at the local Nazarene church. Daniel reports: “One day, my younger brother became very sick. We did not know what to do. It was really serious. So I prayed in the name of Jesus for his healing, trusting that Jesus was the able to help. And, praise the Lord, my brother was cured.”

The whole family was so happy that Daniel found the courage to tell his parents about Jesus and that he had prayed for the healing of his brother. He invited his parents to come to church with him and to get to know Jesus as well. They started to join in the Sunday service. The local Nazarene pastor took some time to share more about the life of Jesus with them. Their faith in Jesus grew as they began to attend services and other church activities regularly. And now they are members of the Church of the Nazarene and had the privilege and joy to be baptised as a whole family.

* Name changed by the editor.

Daniel in the court yard of his Church of the Nazarene and CDC.

School lessons in the local Child Development Centre