A Reminder to
Love, Care, and Serve

Commitment Cards

We dream and envision what would happen if we encourage each one of our committed people to intentionally impact the life of at least one person in our life, every year, with love and compassion for the next five years? Can you imagine the impact this will have in the spiritual life of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka? And, interestingly enough, it does not require any money to love, care and serve. It just takes two simple ingredients God has already placed in our hearts: Love, compassion, and a serving attitude.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able to encourage, motivate and mobilize our people to impact the lives of our neighbors with love, compassion, and service, we will be able to significantly contribute to the expansion of the Kingdom and help to reach at least another 1% of the population of South Asia for Christ.

As part of the movement and motivation, we have designed a commitment card we are distributing among the Nazarenes charging them to become part of the Great Commission and to reach their neighbors reaching at least one person each year for the next five years! We praise God because the card has been translated into English, Bangla, Nepali and Tamil. We are working in translating the card in other languages in the field.

We need support to print at least 5,000 more commitment cards to be distributed among the South Asian Nazarenes.

Our Need

Expenses for 5,000 commitment cards (total): $ 2,000
– Cost per commitment card: 0.40 US-$ 
– Cost for 100 commitment cards: 40.00 US-$ 
– Cost for 250 commitment cards: 100.00 US-$

Please ensure to put Giving Code: ACM1778 in any memo area.