Save Water and Sanitation

Safe Water and Sanitation

An Essential to Healthy Living

Two of the major causes of child death in developing countries are unsafe water and lack of effective hygiene practices. Health awareness training and the installation of tubewells and slab latrines significantly improve sanitation and can save many lives. A tubewell is used by several families. Local NCM staff are responsible for installation and for teaching the families how to maintain the tubewell, as well as offer health and hygiene training. Safe water is also important for successful animal husbandry and gardening. The costs of drilling a well depend on a variety of factors. For example, in Sri Lanka and Nepal the tubewell installation is more expensive due to the rocky terrain. In Bangladesh, tubewells in coastal areas have to be considerably deeper due to salty groundwater. In many areas the higher layers of groundwater are poisoned with arsenic. An alternative to tubewells is a biological water filter that filters pond water through three different layers of stones. The installation of tubewells and slab latrines as well as health & hygiene training are also important aspects of child development centers. Please consider a small gift today to help bring clean water to someone in need.

Our Need

Funding for clean water and hygiene  $ 10,000
– Tube Wells
– Filtering System 
– Slab Latrines

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