Church of the Nazarene - South Asia Field

Child Development Centres

Children are very special! With their faith, their genuine hearts, their trust, and their unbiased attitude towards others, children serve as examples of what our faith should be like. It appears that children have a value, which, unfortunately, is not recognised by many, if not, most parts of our society.

Do we realise that in 20 years from now, children will be our world’s society, shaping it with their character. If all they learn today is violence, the world will be a violent place. If all they know is neglect, it will be an uncaring world. If they are abused today, it will be an abusive world. If all they learn is anarchy, disorder, and selfishness, the world will be a place of egoism, disorder, and without any proper value system.

Our Child Development Centres are a major answer to the needs of these children. Here they can find shelter and a safe haven, friends that value them, offering love, care, and dignity. The programme partners with local churches, who provide the physical facilities and design activities with tremendous results. Dedicated, loving volunteers from the churches and the community contribute their time and efforts, addressing the five basic needs of them.


Spiritual Needs

Children are important to God and they are especially loved by Him. They have the right to know Him, His love, His special purpose for their lives, and the potential God has placed inside of them in order to live life to the fullest. Discipleship, Christian education through attractive Bible classes, mentor- and companionship are a vital, integral part of our programme, as we encourage, guide, and walk beside the children in their journey to find and follow Jesus.

True love and care are attractive. They penetrate even the darkest living circumstances and bring a glow of hope, healing, warmth, comfort, and joy. A major portion of our ministry is counselling, uplifting, and advocating for those who have lost family members and/or have been victims of violent crimes and abuse.

Intellectual Needs

The Child Development Centres either provide primary school education, or assist and encourage the children to attend local schools in their community. Being able to read and write opens a whole new world to them, and the results bring many smiles on the faces of these youngsters. In the afternoons volunteers in the centres supervise and help in the homework of the pupils, ensuring them a successful learning experience.

Physical Needs

Once the children come from school, they are welcomed by the wonderful smell of a freshly cooked, wholesome and nutritious meal. For this purpose, the centres start their own vegetable gardens and livestock farming, which will support them in providing a healthy This, together with education in basic hygiene and sanitation, largely improves their health status of many children in the centers.

South Asia Social Needs Image

Social and Emotional Needs

After homework is done, it is time for fun and fellowship, games and sports, dancing and joy at the Child Development Centres. It is the time for the children to acquire social skills as they learn to interact with, and relate to each other, be a part of a team, and contribute to the collective whole.

At least once a year, we facilitate the Child Development Centres to host a children’s camp. This is such an exciting and special event for the children, as this is often the very first time that the participants are able to leave their usual environments and go to new places, usually into the countryside. It is a time of great joy and adventure. They participate in activities many of their peers never have a chance to do: abseiling, archery, tracking and campfires. Here real life skills are being learned, and unforgettable memories are being made.

Become a Champion

You can be a part of this exciting ministry by becoming a champion for one or more children who already, or want to, participate in our Child Development Centre programme. Our champions invest in a Child of any CDC. This results in a holistic, comprehensive, and positive development of the children, creating hope, future and perspective.

Your investment will help those children to regain their dignity, restore a healthy self-image and transform their lives for a better future. An investment with a truly worthwhile return, …putting a smile on the face of a South Asian child.

Become a Champion