Nepal CDC Children

Children of the Kathmandu CDC
Succed in their Schooling

Not a single CDC child fails in his/her school exam

Our Child Development Center (CDC) operated by the Church of the Nazarene in Kathmandu/Nepal is happy to report a wonderful success story. Not one single child has yet failed in his or her school exam. Ms. Sanjita, pastor of the Balkhu Nazarene Church in Kathmandu says: “What a blessing ! It is so wonderful to see that our work bears fruit that will have a lasting impact in the lives of the children who attend the center. All children pass the school exams regularly and there is not one record of any child from our CDC ever failing. “

It is now over two years ago that the members of the church saw the need to help the children in their community. They had the vision to establish a child development center. So they organized bamboo pols and corrugated iron sheets, members of the church pulled together, and a hall was built on their church ground. Soon the center got filled with a vibrant bustle, excitement, laughter, and children with smiling faces attended the first school related activities.

On average about 70 children attend the center on a regular basis, normally for 2 to 3 hours per day, once public school is finished. Among the various activities carried out in the center children are encouraged to attend school regularly. They are inspired to pay attention in class and get help to get their school homework done and being assisted to understand things that they might have not yet understood in class. Also, children are helped in shaping their behavioral attitudes and maintaining disciplines ensuring they behave well at home, school and their surrounding communities with their seniors, juniors and friends.

Soon the changes among the children in their attitude, their behavior, and their commitment to education became apparent. The difference in their social behavior and improvement in their educational performance to the time when the children first came was obvious. They indeed learned to behave and perform well at their homes, schools and surrounding communities. As a result 100% of the children attending our center have not failed in their school exams.

The feedback we receive from the parents and the smile in their eyes is very rewarding. They are so happy and grateful for the positive impact the center has on the children and they join us in giving praise to our heavenly father. All the initial resentments they might have had sending their children to us are gone and they do not worry any longer while their children attend the Balkhu child development center in Kathmandu, Nepal.