Floods in Sri Lanka

Heavy Storms and Rains
Leave a Trail of Destruction

Heavy pre-monsoon rainfalls in Sri Lanka started on May 20. Since then, over 200,000 people have been affected including several people who died. Flooding and landslides are forcing people out of their homes. In response, the Sri Lankan military has set up over 250 welfare centers. Forecasts from the Disaster Management Center predict rainy conditions, in the southwestern part of the country, will continue and may be accompanied by localized strong winds.

The impact of the flooding on the life of the people is devastating. Landslides, heavy winds, floodwaters, and falling trees are the major natural disasters that have occurred in the up-country. Houses, properties, and other personal artifacts have been destroyed. Farmers have watched their tea estates wash away in an instant. Laborers have no fields to turn to for work. Many other self-employed workers who rely on the land as their job source have found themselves at a loss. These are some of the examples of people who have lost their source of income.

Our brothers and sisters from the Church of the Nazarene in Sri Lanka have not been spared. Pastors and church members have been affected. One of our churches, which is also a child development center, had its kitchen and a classroom destroyed. Class had to stop as the roof blew off. Furniture was washed away. This has broken the people’s hearts because of the tremendous impact the center has on the community. The building was completely built by the church’s youth group without any outside funding. The local churches have very little means, if at all, to provide any form of assistance or repair.

Homes in the community, including those of our church members, must be rebuilt. The needs of our people are not being met. The burden is too big for the local church in Sri Lanka to carry alone. Prayers, donations, and help in rebuilding is needed. We would appreciate you taking time to consider ways you can pray and help our situation. Thank you so much. God bless you!