Child Development

in Bangladesh

Pobitro's Testimony

Kartik could simply not afford to send his son Pobitro to school. This was of great concern for him. How would his son’s future wold look like ? Yes, there was this, so called, CDC, the child development centre, run by the Church of the Nazarene, in his community. They offered an educational program, but he had his reservations and was prejudice towards the Christians. But he really did not know the people there, nor did he know what Christianity was all about.

Eventually he took heart, overcame his hesitation and got his son Pobitro registered at the CDC. Children of different age groups come to the CDC for a pre-school, regular school and after school program. The coaching in the CDCs is very helpful to them. Recently the children wrote annual examinations and 99 per cent of them have been promoted to the upper classes. 100% of the children passed for the Secondary School Certificate (grade 10), Junior School Certificate (grade 8) and Primary School Certificate (grade 5) examinations.

At the centre, the children also receive a well balanced, nutritional meal on a regular basis. Caregivers made an effort to get some needed vaccinations for the children from local health department. And they teach the children in often neglected disciplines of hygiene and health matters. Simple things like washing hands and cleaning teeth. With a smile in his face, Kartik, Pobitro’s father said: “Now our child tells us to wash our hands with with soap before taking meal.”

Yes, gradually Kartik was happy to see that his son receives quality education, nutritional and social care, and personal support from the CDC. His prejudice gradually fell apart and he started to accept and appreciate the Christians and their service in the CDC.  Along with education, nutrition and health care, Pabitra also got to know the Bible and and learned about salvation. Eventually, he became bold enough to tell his parents that he wants to receive Jesus and they accepted. A local Nazarene pastor baptised him, and Pobitro witnessed, “Jesus Christ died for me. Without Him, I cannot receive Salvation and therefore, I have accepted Him in my life as my saviour and Lord”. Today Pobitro leads the Sunday school class for children in his local church. He hopes, one day his parents also will receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. He has witnessed the change in their hearts which already took place. 

This is not the story of Pobitro only, but many of the children who came to know Christ through the child development centres in Bangladesh.

A local chid development centre in Bangladesh

It’s certification time

There are regular nutritious meals

Education in hygiene and health