Church on the Move in Nepal

We recently spent four days traveling in Northern Nepal in the Himalaya mountains and visited new communities with the District Superintendent and three of his mature leaders. Please join us in prayer for the planting of new churches next year. This was a very rich time of sharing and casting vision with our Nepali district leaders.

We also discussed the plans for the possible beginning of new districts in the next couple years as the church continues growing and the distances make it very difficult for one DS to visit and oversee all the churches. Pray for this vision. The church is growing, and this is of vital importance to strengthen and consolidate the church in this nation.

Praise God for 13 new churches that organized this past year. Please pray for the new believers in the new-planted churches that the word of God goes deep in their minds and hearts and His name be glorified in each life. Praise God for two ministry buildings we built this year at Kusmadi of Bara and Rajgaduwa of Banke

Praise God for the vision trip made by a group of 5 people from the United States very recently. We will present a report of this trip in due time.

Keep Nepal in your prayers as Rev. Dilli and his team strategize the work in remote areas where the church is not yet. Pray for the Jesus Film team they are planning to send to some of those remote areas next year. Please keep the 10 Jesus Film Teams showing the film and planting new churches in Nepali communities.